Workplace Wellness Program Management

Based on the FRESH! 5 Step Service Model, Program implementation is Step 4 out of 5. Most companies skip the first 3. It’s a prime reason many companies fail to see the results they want from their time and investment.

Once we’ve worked with your key stakeholders to evaluate program objectives, develop an effective workplace wellness strategy, and designed the program, it’s time to roll out the specific initiatives and manage the plan for optimal long-term effectiveness. This is where the strategic employee facing services begin.

Depending on the goals of your company and type of program, FRESH! provides a variety of potential service options. We also work with a number of key partners and alliances to round out any specific services that may be outside of our core focus.

Remember, our goal at FRESH! is to ensure your program is perfectly suited to your company needs. If there are services outside of our scope that will help, we will work with our professional network to get them organized for you.

Some of the great service options available to our clients are:

  • Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Programs
      • Stress management & Resiliency
      • Peak Performance
      • On-site health coaching
  • Fitness programs
      • Personal training & coaching
      • On-site fitness classes
  • Testing & Evaluation
      • Lab based Metabolism Testing (RMR and VO2max)
      • Health based biometric screening
      • Functional Movement Screen
  • Education & Speaking
      • Learn at lunch seminars
      • Specialty workshops
      • Keynote presentations (lunch & learns, etc.)
  • Special events
      • Seasonal challenges
      • New Year’s, Back to School, Calgary Corporate Challenge, etc
      • Healthy team functions
  • Fitness centre design and facility management
      • All facility sizes. Managed and unmanaged
      • Equipment consulting, installation, and maintenance
  • A wide range of other programs based on the 4 Pillars of Performance
    • Mindset, Lifestyle, Fitness, Nutrition

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