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FRESH! Facilities is a division of FRESH! Wellness Group.

At FRESH!, we are on a mission to help people experience the amazing benefits of health and wellness. We are frustrated by the traditional health club model and how it sets people up for failure. By working with property developers, corporations, and people like you, we are changing this reality one facility and one person at a time!

With you and our other great alliances on board, we can build the most effective facilities and programs to transform the lives of every person using a FRESH! Facility.

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  • Guidance vs. Gear

    Guidance vs. Gear. An important distinction when embarking on any fitness centre project. Regardless of the type of facility you choose, a fitness centre is only as good as the programs and services that support it.

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  • Is Fitness Centre Management Worth the Investment?

    Fitness centres are routinely in the top 3 requests for any new building, and developers spend large sums to dedicate space and equipment fulfilling these wishes. Unfortunately, many times the ball is dropped because...

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  • New Equipment to Make Your Facility Shine!

    Top quality equipment is an integral part of any fitness centre. However, when upgrading, many gyms just choose new versions of the traditional machines. There are loads of new items out there that reflect the changing fitness landscape.

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