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As a design professional, you are awesome at what you do.  However, it’s probably safe to say that you aren’t a fitness and wellness expert (sorry, being fit and going to the gym regularly doesn’t count either!).  It’s the same reason we aren’t architects even though we can manipulate a few drawings in CAD or Illustrator!

For over 20 years, the team at FRESH! has been training, managing, and designing fitness facilities.  This includes effective equipment selection, layout, and functional programming for the needs of the space. Additionally, for almost this long, we’ve been teaching and coaching other industry professionals about the concepts of movement training and functional fitness.

So What Does This Mean for YOU as a Design Professional?

Our sole purpose is to optimize movement and function so that people can get the results they want and life the life they deserve.  For your clients, this means creating the best facility to meet their usage needs and budget.  For you, this means you look great, have less stress, and get to focus on the things that you do best!

The simple fact is that traditional fitness centres fail on almost every front.  The old school approach to throwing a bunch of fitness and cardio machines in a room and calling it a gym is gone.  Sure, some people do it, and they can even spend lots of money to make the design look fancy, but those facilities are still ineffective, and the companies recommending them are dinosaurs in a rapidly evolving industry.

Watch any good trainer or sports conditioning expert and you will notice that they NEVER use the machines in a typical gym.  Their style and philosophy of training is completely different…and it works well.  However, almost every big health club and corporate gym is loaded with them!

There is a better way, and FRESH! can help you wow your client with something unique, functional, and still amazing to look at!

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