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"How You Can Avoid the Top Fitness Centre Mistakes"

Guidance vs. Gear

A fitness centre is a great amenity for any workplace. Whether you have a small office of 10 people, or are a massive multi-national with thousands of people in each property, there is a fitness centre option to suit your needs.

This could be as simple as an open space and some portable gear that’s easily stored out of sight when not being used. Alternately, your company fitness centre could be a 100,000sf high end fully managed facility.

Regardless of the type of facility you choose, a fitness centre is only as good as the programs and services that support it.

In order to reach people who wouldn’t normally use the gym (studies show that less than 20% of people with a gym membership actually use it on a weekly basis), there need to be compelling programs, resources, and tools that are designed to create tangible and sustainable changes in behaviour.

Again, these programs don’t need to be complicated, but they need to be targeted to the specific needs of the company and employees, while providing regular “check-ins”, reminders, educational, and motivational tips.

A gym is an opportunity to help remove some of the most common barriers people have to exercise (money, time, convenience), but it also serves as a great piece of the overall workplace wellness strategy. When done properly, a gym and workplace wellness program provide an excellent return on investment for any organization.

We would love to help you reap the rewards of your investment. Reach out to us and we can chat about the best options for your needs.

The FRESH! Team