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Is Fitness Centre Management Worth the Investment?

Fitness centres are a great tenant amenity. In fact, they are routinely in the top 3 requests for any new building, and developers spend large sums to dedicate space and equipment fulfilling these wishes. Unfortunately, many times the ball is dropped at this point in the process because property managers misjudge the impact that fitness centre management services can provide.

Fitness centre management servicesEffective facility management is one of the greatest investments any developer or property manager can make in their property, and fitness facility. Keep in mind that facility management doesn’t need to require full-time on-site professionals. Not all gyms and fitness centres will need this level of support.

Where your facility sits along the spectrum of fitness centre management will depend on a number of factors. Here are a few of the more common points to consider:

  • Size of facility
  • Size of tenant/member base
  • Entry/access regulations
  • Type of equipment
  • Type and goals of facility
  • Available budget
  • Philosophy of building developer/operator

Fitness centre management can be as little as hiring a professional to monitor basic tenant usage, coordinate maintenance, provide safety and facility orientations, and be a valuable resource for tenants with health and fitness related questions. Think of this level of support as a virtual assistant for your facility.

On the other end of the spectrum is hiring company to provide full-time staffing, support, maintenance, sales, marketing, and customer service to your tenant base. This is great for larger facilities in high volume buildings, and adds excellent value to the amenity suite in your property.

Fitness Coaching ServicesIn between these two extremes are many great options with flexible investment levels. Some options are completely free for the developer or property manager, while others spread the investment out among tenants. The most important point question to ask is: “Do I want this facility to be highly regarded, respected, and a great value to my current and prospective tenants?

If you can answer YES to this question, then there is always an option to create a space that fits with your budget, space allocation, and tenant needs. It simply requires a conversation to find the best solution.

At FRESH!, we strongly believe that a fitness centre and wellness facility is only as good as the resources and services provided to support it. Unlike Field of Dreams, the “if you build it, they will come” approach doesn’t always work. If you have a fitness centre, are building one, or have thought about repurposing some space to include one, let’s chat about the options.

We are passionate about helping people experience how amazing it is to be healthy, happy, and fit. People spend more than 50% of their waking hours at work, so ensuring that corporate and commercial spaces are maximizing the available health and fitness amenities is a great place to start.

Call or email us today to set up a short call and discuss your fitness centre management needs!