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New Equipment to Make Your Facility Shine!

Top quality equipment is an integral part of any fitness centre. However, when upgrading, many gyms just choose new versions of the traditional machines. There are loads of new items out there that reflect the changing fitness landscape.

Depending on the size, format, and demographic of your facility, there are lots of great options available. Our experts can help you make the right choices for your facility…

Functional Fitness Circuit Equipment

These versatile units are amazing for creating quick, highly effective workouts that can accommodate a large number of people. It also allows a coach to spend more time coaching, instead of setting up equipment or stations. The same goes for those people exercising. You merely have to switch stations and things are set up for you!

An important point to remember with this equipment is to have QUALIFIED and experienced coaches on site. They will be essential to help you maximize the use of the equipment and ensure that the facility users are properly informed and educated about the great versatility and enjoyment of using these systems.

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