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"How You Can Avoid the Top Fitness Centre Mistakes"

Property Developers

Smart amenity spaces that work for property developers, managers, and tenants.

Fitness and wellness amenities are consistently ranked in the top 3 requests by building occupants.  This is includes residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments.

Progressive developers and building mangers understand that top quality fitness and wellness amenities are a significant asset to a building.  With this great tenant amenity, the sales/leasing process is much easier, sale/lease values remain high, and higher quality tenants are attracted to the property.

Unfortunately, too many developers are still acting on outdated fitness and wellness centre beliefs and information.Here are just a few myths about fitness and wellness that cost developers money and opportunity.

  • Fitness centres are expensive
  • Gyms take up too much valuable space
  • We don’t have enough room for all that equipment
  • Most gyms are never used anyway
  • Tenants will be upset because it will raise their operating costs too much

We hear these comments all the time.  The good news is they are ALL FALSE!

With the right advice and fitness centre model, each one of these negative statements can be turned into a positive.

  • Fitness centres can be very cost effective and scaled to suit virtually any budget (even with no budget)!
  • Small spaces can be very effective.  In fact, most existing spaces can be made modified to work.  FRESH! has designed fully functioning commercial fitness centres in as little as 400sf
  • Equipment is the biggest myth out there!  The fact is, some equipment is useful, butmost people dramatically overestimate the amount, type, and cost of equipment needed.
    • We’ve equipped commercial quality fitness centres for less than $10,000.  These facilities are often more useful to people than gyms containing equipment 10x more costly

The best advice we can give to people is to consult a qualified and experienced fitness professional (not a fitness equipment company or an architect) to help you decide on the following critical factors…

  1. What is your goal for the facility?
  2. Who will be using it?  How often? How many people?  What is the traffic flow/volume?
  3. What is your budget
  4. How can this budget be used most effectively to create value for users and your company?
  5. Have you looked at alternative facility model options (managed, unmanaged, hybrid models, partnerships, etc.)?

At FRESH!, we’ve spent 20+ years designing, managing, and operating commercial fitness centres.  We understand inherently what clients need to get the results they want, what equipment and tools the industry’s top trainers and coaches use on a daily basis, and how to use this knowledge to create the ideal fitness and wellness facility for your needs.

We also leverage our extensive range of equipment suppliers to ensure you get the most effective tools. Period.  No more missing out on key equipment and being stuck with a single manufacturer.

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