golf_club_driver_102979068Golf season is upon us, and it’s playing the game is part of the corporate culture in Calgary. Whether you are golfing with friends and coworkers, or networking with clients and sales prospects, everyone wants to play well and improve their game.

Without proper preparation (something that very few people do), you are at risk of injury, frustration, and even potential embarrassment! At FRESH!, our passion is helping people live a healthier, active and fulfilling life! We are also students of human movement and performance.

Many of our clients over the years have said that our training and coaching methods helped them improve their golf game. So, while we aren’t golf instructors, we have put this seminar together to help you learn about the demands of golf, the impact on your body, and what to do to help you make the most of your time on the course (and driving range).

This corporate presentation can be done in seminar or workshop format. It is entertaining, engaging, interactive, and perfect for the corporation whose employees golf throughout the spring and summer season. Whether you are an expert or beginner, the session has practical, proven information to help you improve your performance each round!

Fit FORE Golf: Your BODY still has to swing that expensive club

GOLF - EVIAN MASTERS 2007 - EVIAN MASTERS GOLF CLUB - 26-29/07/2007 - PHOTO : OLIVIER GAUTHIER / DPPI FINAL ROUND - 29/07/07 - NATALIE GULBIS (USA) / WINNERWould you like to…add extra yards to your drive? Hit the ball straighter? Reduce golfrelated injuries and back pain? Feel better at the end of a round? Find out how your body is hurting your game (despite all of those expensive clubs in your bag)! We will talk about golf mechanics, physical demands, and common injuries. This session will also demonstrate what you can do to stay healthy on and off the course. Turn your own body into your best kept golfing secret!

golf-silhouette2For more information, and to book your session, please call 403.217.2730. You can also get a list of our most popular seminar topics here!