No, you can’t eat McDonalds and expect to stay lean and be in great shape. But you can definitely learn from them. McDonalds is a hugely successful corporation because of their solid, structured and repeatable business systems. These same systems can be applied to a weight-loss strategy, to help you get in shape and accomplish your goals.

In a nutshell, here is the McDonalds business formula:

  • Step-by-step plans for each action in the business: rest assured, McDonalds has a plan for everything. The economy takes a dive, McDonalds offers you a cheap (albeit unhealthy, but we know that) way to feed your family. Starbucks is conflicting with McDonalds coffee sales? McDonalds introduces their own fancy coffee concoctions.
  • Measurable results: steady increases in sales, increases in overall revenue and a growing customer base (thanks to those same lattes that sell for cheaper than at Starbucks), etc. McDonalds is rolling in the measurable results.
  • Documented success manuals and systems: you can bet almost every single McDonalds employee, whether they are flipping burgers or working in marketing, has a manual or guide that tells them how to do their job in line with the McDonalds way of business. You can also bet that in every level of the business, people are doc
    umenting successes to improve these manuals.

Essentially, this is what FRESH! does for our clients. It works!   Now it’s time for you to do it for your health, fitness, and nutrition.

Ok – how do these translate into weight loss for you? Simple:

  • Follow a plan: use your growing base of fitness and nutrition knowledge to establish a set of guidelines for yourself. For example, you may want to make it a “rule” to include all three macronutrients at breakfast. Or to drink a glass of water before each meal, etc.
  • Measurable results: keep track of your progress through all sorts of means, i.e. photos, physical measurements and the scale.
  • Use this system to repeat your success for future improvements: say you stumble upon a combination of foods for breakfast that keep you full and energized all the way until your lunch break. Write it down, and eat it again! Then you can play around with substitutions and see what else works. People say to learn from your mistakes, but you can learn just as much from your successes.

There you have it! The McDonalds strategy for weight loss…And it’s healthy!