A FRESH! Approach to Workplace Wellness

Work should be motivating, engaging, and create an environment where you feel amazing and have the opportunity to thrive.

Unfortunately, the typical workplace environment sucks the health, vitality, and enthusiasm out of most people. Combine this with the physical toll of being seated and inactive most of the day, and you can see why so many people are overweight, out of shape, injured, stressed, unproductive, and disengaged at the office.

At FRESH!, we do not believe in random, unrelated “wellness” initiatives. Rather, our approach is for programs and even “perks” to be implemented with a purpose, and as part of a strong, long term strategy. Lack of strategy and purpose is where most organizations fail to reap the rewards of their wellness initiatives, and actually end up spending MORE money, for LESS benefit!

One of our key roles is to facilitate conversations about health and wellness with various positions and departments.  Our goal in corporate wellness programming is to help companies overcome the challenges and struggles of creating healthy, engaged, and productive employees.

We want employees to view the workplace as a hub of healthy habits, motivation, and inspiration that they can use to transform their personal health and positively impact the lives and behaviors of those around them in order to live a vibrant, exciting and fulfilled lives.

The success of our approach centres on coaching and programming in the 4 Pillars of Performance (Mindset, Lifestyle, Fitness, Nutrition). Each of these areas are vital to the personal energy, engagement, health, happiness, and productivity of the people in your company. Success in these areas has been proven to benefit the bottom line of an organization.

In order to be successful, we have developed a framework of programming based on the “Wellness Pyramid”, and our 5 Stage Programming Model.

Throughout the consulting and program management process, this framework guides our ability to consistently deliver results and ensure that programs remain effective and relevant to the needs of your organization.