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TO WORKPLACE WELLNESS At FRESH!, we passionately believe that work and life are better when people are healthy, happy, fit, and performing at their best.

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Why Workplace


CFO asks CEO: “What happens if we invest in the health and wellness of our people & then they leave us?”
CEO: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”
It’s simple. Healthy, happy, and fit employees are more engaged, productive, and profitable for any company. In fact, $3 to $8 is typically returned to the company for every dollar properly invested in employee wellness.
Workplace Wellness is Broken
Unfortunately, few companies properly allocate their wellness investment. Most companies are too busy investing in SICKNESS treatment rather than WELLNESS promotion and illness prevention.
We’re Here to Fix It

Click below to find out more about the FRESH! approach to workplace wellness and our “Workplace Wellness Pyramid.” Learn how we are different from EFAP, medical and rewards-based engagement programs, but how we can compliment those if you already have them in place.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves!

Percentage of illness
that is preventable

Percentage of employees
overweight or obese

Percentage of healthcare costs
from preventable illness

Percentage of employees
with unhealthy stress levels

Leading causes of death
from preventable illness

Percentage of employees that engage with standard wellness programs



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Since 2001, FRESH! has been helping people and organizations master and implement the 4 Pillars of Personal Performance. Focussed attention in each of these pillars (Mindset, Habits, Movement and Fuel) is critical to peak performance in daily life and at work.

We work with our clients to build an effective strategy around each pillar and provide targeted programs that boost employee performance and satisfaction every day.
We believe workplace wellness should be about engaging education, strategic programming and culture building around a healthy, active, vibrant workplace. This creates an environment where people actually LOVE to come to work, put in their best effort and feel like part of an amazing community. We’ve worked with a diverse range of companies of all sizes and from many industry segments. Whether remote site, corporate office or industrial warehouse, our multi-faceted approach to workplace wellness produces great results.
Check out the section below to find out more about how we can help you and your team.

What We Do

We believe work should be motivating, engaging, and create an
environment where you feel amazing and have the opportunity to thrive.
Together, we work with you and your team to make that happen.

Sadly, the typical work environment and office culture sucks the health, vitality, and enthusiasm out of its people. Combine this with the physical toll of being seated and inactive for the majority of each day, and it’s easy to see why so many people are overweight, out of shape, injured, stressed, and unproductive.

Despite this reality, the majority of companies claim to have a “wellness program”. It’s abundantly clear that the traditional approach to wellness doesn’t work.

At FRESH!, we cut through the fluff and focus on results. By working closely with leadership. we create the optimal strategy for producing positive change in your people, culture, and performance. In fact, lack of strategy is the reason so many companies spend more and get less impact from their workplace wellness initiatives.

Our clients benefit from our proven wellness success framework that includes: The Wellness Pyramid™, the 4 Pillars of Personal Performance™, and our 5 Stage Programming Model. You and your business have unique needs and we understand that.

Every client plan and program is unique. Here are a few of the ways we work with our clients to make workplace wellbeing and employee performance a driver of culture and business results.

Workplace Wellness Consulting


Wellness Program Management


Facility Design & Operations




Getting Started

It all starts with finding out the most important needs for your company. We do this through a complimentary “Workplace Wellness Strategy Session.”

We meet with key company stakeholders to discuss the current program status, high level goals and objectives, bright spots, challenges and opportunities.

This provides the framework to build the best plan and implement only the most important programs for your needs.

We have options for every budget, company size and program scope.

Let’s discuss what success looks like in your organization, no strings attached. If the next step makes sense, let’s work together to make it happen.

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