Why Workplace Wellness?

CFO asks CEO: “What happens if we invest in the health and wellness of our people & then they leave us?”

CEO: ‘What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

It’s simple. Healthy, happy, and fit employees are more engaged productive, and profitable for any company. In fact, $3 to $8 is typically returned to the company for every dollar properly invested in employee wellness.

Unfortunately, few companies properly allocate their wellness investment. Most companies are too busy investing in SICKNESS treatment rather than WELLNESS promotion and illness prevention.

The numbers are shocking, and only getting worse. Two out of every three of your employees are overweight or obese. They are dealing with a myriad of psychological, physical, and medical issues. This reality affects every aspect of life, including the energy, engagement, stress levels, and productivity that they are able to provide at work.

There IS a better way, and it’s available to organizations of any size, in any industry. It involves a strategic and targeted mix of education and programming supported by key metrics.

Click to find out more about the FRESH! Approach to workplace wellness, our “Workplace Wellness Triangle”. Learn how we are different from EFAP, medical, and rewards based engagement programs, but can compliment those if you already have them in place.

The FRESH! Approach to Wellness Consulting

The Numbers Speak For Themselves!

Percentage of illness that is preventable….


Percentage of employees overweight or obese


Percentage of healthcare costs from preventable illness


Percentage of employees with unhealthy stress levels


Leading causes of death from preventable illness


Percentage of employees that engage with standard wellness programs



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About FRESH! Wellness Group

At FRESH!, we passionately believe that life is better when you are healthy, happy, fit, and feel that you are making an impact each day!

Since 2001, FRESH! has been helping people and organizations master and implement the 4 Pillars of Performance. Focussed attention in each of these pillars (Mindset, Lifestyle, Fitness, Nutrition) is critical to peak performance in daily life, and at work.

We work with our clients to build an effective strategy around each pillar, and provide targeted programs that boost employee performance and satisfaction every day.

We believe workplace wellness should be about engaging education, strategic programming and culture building around a healthy, active, vibrant workplace. This creates an environment where people actually LOVE to come to work, put in their best effort, and feel like part of an amazing community.

We’ve worked with a diverse range of companies of all sizes and from many industry segments. Whether remote site, corporate office, or industrial warehouse, our multi-faceted approach to workplace wellness produces great results.

What We Do

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Through our 4 Pillars Philosophy of Performance, we focus on wellness promotion, engagement, and long term illness prevention.

The path to optimal workplace wellness is distinctly different than simply providing an EAP plan, offering a few “lunch & learns”, participating in some charity events, and subsidizing a gym membership. Successful workplace wellness programs look at the bigger picture, and put a strategic plan in place to systematically increase the health, vitality and performance of employees across all areas of the company.

Think of FRESH! as your coach to make this happen. We take a HUGE amount of the workload and stress off your plate, while providing an outside, expert opinion that more is more effective and efficient at creating change. This also allows you to focus on the things you are best at.

We are passionate about creating change in the lives of every one of your employees. Our ultimate goal (and measure of success) is how much positive behavior change we can facilitate within your company.

While the best place to start is our complimentary workplace wellness consultation, we offer several key categories of services to our corporate clients.

Workplace Wellness Consulting

Wellness Program Management

Facility Design & Operations

Keynotes, Seminars, & Workshops

Getting Started

It all starts with finding out the most important needs for your company. We do this through a complimentary “Workplace Wellness Strategy Session”.

We meet with key company stakeholders to discuss the current program status, high level goals and objectives, bright spots, challenges, and opportunities.

This provides the framework build the best plan and implement only the most important programs for your needs.

So, simply contact us to set up an initial “Workplace Wellness Strategy Session” (it’s free).

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