FRESH! Wellness Group provides innovative health and wellness services to select markets, including Property Developers, Private Corporations, and motivated individuals. We have several distinct divisions of the company (click the links below to find out more).


Innovative and effective fitness and wellness coaching services, including classes, personal training, nutrition and metabolism testing.


Customized Corporate wellness consulting and programs for organizations that value employee health, vitality and performance.


Effective fitness and wellness facilities are essential to any modern business and corporate building, yet most facilities fail to deliver value. We have the solution!


Professional fitness & wellness services for your remote worksite that keep each person on site healthy, engaged, productive, and safe.


Advancing global movement education for fitness and wellness professionals across the globe. Live & Online Courses, workshops, and seminars


The essential guide to personal and professional performance. Purchase the book and join the Fitness Curveball Community.


Professional Speaker, Coach, Author and CEO of FRESH! Wellness Group. Hire Tim to speak at your next event, consult with your organization, or coach your executive team.


COMING SOON! A global movement where individuals like you transform their life and the lives of those around them.


Tim is amazing and so motivating. He really cares about every individual person he coaches, and he pushes me to work way harder than I ever would working out on my own.
Claire Legault

As a working professional, business owner, and busy mom who is now over 40 (gulp), my weekly coaching appointments with FRESH! have been one of the most important factors in keeping me fit, productive…and I have to say “sane”!

Diana Richmond

OMG, I totally LOVE having FRESH! nearby! Over the years I have paid a fair amount to belong to certain gyms, so having the your studio so close is just awesome

Rachael Henderson
I attended a public seminar where I heard Tim speak about Fresh. He stated that everyone should join an exercise place of some sort – that you couldn’t afford not to. But the Fresh location wasn’t convenient for me – I live & work in the northeast.
Heather Stushnoff

At 57 years old, I’m an avid runner, but had no experience with strength training or other styles of conditioning. I decided to take on a Spartan Race last year, and while I did pretty well due to my running, it was an eye opener in how much I struggled with many of the obstacles (the rope climb, burpees, and wall climbs).So I sought out a fitness club that offered group classes since I enjoy the company and structure of classes. After joining Fresh and their dedication to helping me improve my weak areas.

Warren Hall
“After 4 months at Fresh, my dress had to be taken in about 10 inches, and I felt so confident on my wedding day after being self-conscious for most of my life.I actually enjoyed having pictures taken, which is something I never thought I’d say. Thanks everyone for the encouragement!.Looking forward to getting in better shape in the months to come!”
Liz Ferguson

I was in my early 40’s and had just experienced the breakup of a relationship. My post-breakup routine had consisted of going to work, coming home, making dinner and settling down to one or two glasses of wine. After about a week or so of this, I realized I needed to choose a healthier outlet, one that would get me out of the house and associating with people again. It was the New Year and FRESH! was offering 6 Week Challenge program and I knew I just had to join.

Sheena Kirkpatrick
The Fitness Curveball is an extension of what it’s like to work with Tim – conversational, approachable, clear and practical. Tim pulls on his experience as a high performance athlete and coach, and mixes in the knowledge he’s picked up through studies in diverse areas, creating a book that’s both highly enjoyable and useful.
Kristi Baron
Tim Borys has proven an innovative, science-based passionate leader in human performance. He shares with you how to overcome your challenges and barriers to achieve higher levels of health, happiness, and results. I like his engaging and practical focus on the 4 essential pillars – mindset, habits, movement and fuel. Coach Borys’ performance system will get you taking action and feeling your best! Get ready to tackle your tough obstacles and break free to enjoy life at your best!

World renowned strength & conditioning coach
Multiple best-selling author

Tim is always professional and great to work with. He walks his talk , has integrity and I regularly consider him as the best person to work with when new opportunities arise in our Industry.
LOUIS STACK, CEO (Fitter International)

Tim is simply a master at what he does. He brings a depth of knowledge to his field that’s truly exceptional, and balances it with genuine caring and concern about his clients.


I’ve worked with Tim and his team for a number of years and their dedication to their craft is second to none. Having worked with other coaches, I was struck at once by Tim’s professionalism and dedication to making sure our team achieved our goals.

AMBER ANDERSON, VP Operations (XI Technologies)


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