About Us

At FRESH!, we passionately believe that life is awesome and packed with unlimited potential for greatness.
We also believe that this greatness is easier to harness when people are healthy, happy, fit, bringing their best self to the world each day, and supported by leaders and organizations that actively help them thrive.

Our Purpose (your Potential)

We exist to help more humans experience that life is awesome and packed with unlimited potential, and for organizations to harness this untapped potential by helping their people, learn, grow, and thrive as humans and team members.

Since 2001, FRESH! has been helping people master and implement the 4 Pillars of Performance and organizations harness the Wellbeing Pyramid in their corporate strategy. Focused attention in each pillar (Mindset, Habits, Movement, Fuel) is critical to peak performance in daily life, and at work. Yet, this is very difficult without a shift in executive mindset and organizational strategy, as well as consistent implementation of strategic actions, habits, and skills across all areas of an organization. Failure to properly implement these changes is at the heart of stress, burnout, high turnover, low engagement, presenteeism, and a general failure of change initiatives within most corporate cultures.

Business Units (What We Do)

To delivery on our mission and vision, FRESH! utilizes multiple business units. Some are highly interrelated,(Workplace Performance Consulting, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Corporate Education and Training, Wellbeing Facility Design & Management, Keynote Speaking), while others are independent (Personal Wellbeing Training and Coaching, On-demand learning and education, Fitness Industry Educational Certifications).

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