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While we believe that every fitness facility should be designed around effective function and space utilization.  This is particularly true of what we term “Alternate” facility models.  The community recreation, Sports Training, School Gym, and Private Fitness Studio models are quite diverse, but share a few important characteristics.

  1. Optimizing available space to accommodate a large number of users
  2. Provide diverse training experiences for a broad spectrum of users
  3. Maximize the utilization of funds that have been allocated to the project

It’s these facility styles that are most negatively affected by the typical “health club” model of fitness centre design.

Throwing a bunch of cardio and bulky strength machines in a room takes up A LOT of space, is exceedingly expensive, and dramatically reduces the effectiveness and versatility of the space. Plus, in most circumstances (particularly sport training centres and school gyms) this format can actually increase the risk of long-term injury in users.

We’ve designed and managed a wide variety of facilities from 60,000sf Sport Training Centres, and 100,000+sf Community Recreation centres to 500sf schools gyms and hotel fitness centres.

With all of these facilities, the goal is the same…To design the best facility for your users, their goals, and your budget allocation. It’s a simple process, but very few equipment companies have the training and coaching expertise or the end user centered philosophy necessary to make it successful!

ABOVE: Oilsands camp recreation facility
BELOW: Boutique hotel gym

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